Bolvag Gis'shara

Monk/Sorcerer (elemental bloodline)


Bolvag specializes in disarming his foes. In addition to the Improved Disarm feat, Bolvag’s preferred weapon is the nunchaku, which provides an additional disarm bonus.


Sulmog the Lion was a mighty orc warrior, the leader of armies and raiding parties. His people, the orcs of the Flaming Eye Tribe, terrorized the local countryside, looking for treasure, glory, supplies, and other spoils of war. Sometimes they sacrificed victims to their terrible totem, Ghashauga the Fire Ape. Sulmog was a hero among the orcs for leading these raids against the human and orc settlements (and for defending the Flaming Eye when the inevitable retribution arrived).

On one such raid, Sulmog singled out one human girl – Mera, a fisherman’s daughter – and declared her his trophy. She was brought back to the Flaming Eye’s territory as a slave. As fas as she was aware, the orcs killed the rest of her family. She was 15.

Mera bore Sulmog a son named Bolvag, who grew up as the tormented runt of his generation – “bolvag” means “curse” – and he took comfort in his mother’s protective arms. As he got older, though, the torments grew worse. They burned him with hot irons, cut him with knives, and covered him with poisonous snakes while he slept.

During one particularly brutal torment, his mother ran to his defense, and the orcs killed her right before his eyes. Bolvag bit down hard on his rage, and bided his time. When the Day of the Dead arrived, he honored his mother that day, and then murdered her killers in their sleep that night.

He knew he’d be killed for this, so he ran. What little Bolvag knew about humans, he learned from Mera, so the first place he went for help was back to her people. For days he ran, with the baying of the worgs never far away, until he found himself at his mother’s home town.

His first encounter with humans was bitter. They were all too used to orcish raids, and as far as they were concerned, this runt half-orc was simply a raid too small to succeed. They attacked him and drove him back. But then, without warning, Bolvag hurled great gouts of fire at them from his hands. The humans fled back to their village, but Bolvag, confused and afraid, ran to the foothills.

Ghashauga the Fire Ape appeared to Bolvag in his dreams and told him he was marked, destined for greatness. Sulmog had fallen out of Ghashauga’s favor, but Bolvag would be highly honored if he returned to the tribe and used his newfound powers to defeat his father.

Bolvag wasn’t interested in returning to life as an orc, however. He lived in isolation for a time, learning to harness his powers but overcome again and again by a rage fueled by the will of the Fire Ape.

In the foothills, he met a monk who would talk to him. He promised to teach Bolvag how to control his emotions, and how to keep Ghashauga’s will in check. Bolvag followed the monk to a remote monastery and trained with the monks for a year and a day. In that time, surrounded by people both strong enough to fend off his berserk rage and patient enough to understand why it was necessary to do so, Bolvag learned how to interact with humans, and how to keep the Fire Ape in check. And during this time, he also filled out in size and strength. No longer the runt, Bolvag is now a massive rock of a man, fierce and intimidating.

Bolvag is still a member of the order, but he is wandering the land on a quest for understanding. He still sees Ghashauga in his dreams, and the Fire Ape always urges him to take his rightful place as the master of the Flaming Eye Tribe. Bolvag declared his intent to kill his father, not to lead the tribe but to break it for good, and the Fire Ape laughed. He sometimes wonders if he can evade this destiny entirely, but in his heart, he finds it unlikely.

Bolvag Gis'shara

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