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400 years ago an army of mortals lead by the Goddess of Life, the Angel Eral, attempted to throw off the tyranny of the Seven Gods.

They failed. Now they are the Exiled.

The Seven Gods imprisoned the Angel Eral in a tower guarded by seven Guardians chosen by the Gods. The land around the tower was ripped off from the mortal world and is guarded on four sides by seemingly impassible barriers. 6 keys were made for the tower, each key given to a Guardian for protection with the seventh Guardian left in charge of guarding the tower itself. Exile itself was given to The Eternal Emperor to lord over, ruling it from the shadowy reaches of his castle in the city of Krill.

But time has passed and even though Eral has been forsaken by the descendants of those who most trusted Her, She has not succumbed. Slowly She has worked Herself free of some of the shackles that bind Her and has begun to call together the noble few who can hope to gain Her freedom, and eventually, their victory.

But while Exile is but a small piece of the Mortal realm, it is a wild place often touched by the Gods themselves. Any who will free Eral have a long road ahead of them. [[Exile] is a place of many mysteries to be explored, lost cities, hidden valleys and floating islands hide many things long believed to have been lost since the imprisonment.


Heroes – The chosen champions of The Angel Eral
NPCs – List of the Major NPCs the Heroes have encountered
Locations – Some of the Locations, known and rumored that the Heroes have discovered
Special Rules – Any home rules that have been developed

Main Page

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